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 The Motor

...The motor is the reason the industry has designated the Toester the Model "T".

The Model"T" is the only unit on the market that uses a rugged, expensive, 4-pole, encased motor with that Transflow-fan perfectly balanced on it's oversized bearing and shaft.

By using this motor and fan arrangement the Model "T" has been able to avoid all bearing and alignment generated burnout problems that have besieged our competitors and their customers. Their continued use of the inexpensive 2 pole skeletal motor with a long blower attached, while cost effective, is unreliable.


The Grill

...The grill is also another innovation of the Model "T" unit. The grill is made of an ultra-durable and virtually indestructable lexan plastic, to visually conceal the unit and protect it from probe damage.

In addition the grills special design allows the cool air to be taken in from the sides with warm air expelled through the center. Our grill prevents the recycling of warmed air, a problem that is found in those units whose cold air intake is located above their warm air outlet.


     The Switch.

..The Model "T: comes with a HI-OFF-LOW wall mountable switch. The unit operates perfectly well without the switch by actuating itself through a built-in temperature sensing T-Stat. While the switch could be mounted at the factory on the grill face, as is currently fashionable, the Model "T" is too sensible to offer this feature. Once the Model "T" is installed it is really tucked away at floor level beneath the lip of the cabinet. To operate a switch mounted in this location it is necessary to lay on the floor. While this may be fine for children, the Model "T" is so old fashioned it believes the switch should be mounted where adults can determine it's use.


..There have been over 50 thousand of the Model "T" Toesters installed over the last decade. Almost 98% have required No Service What-So Ever.

The Model "T" just keeps doing what it is supposed to do...Quietly and unobtrusively providing heat with no problems.





FAN MOTOR: Shaded 4 pole encased motor with two speed, 110v 60hz U.L. approved.

HEAT EXCHANGER: Copper tube with 7 fins per inch aluminum finning.

CONTROLS: Wall mountable 2 speed-off fan switch. Clip-on bi-metal snap disc heat sensing thermostat.

WATER CONNECTORS: Flow and return pipes are 1/2" sweat connections. A special bleed valve is located on the outlet pipe.


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